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I'm Louise, a lifelong fan of everything tiny or cute (preferably both) whose penchant for 'little things' has bordered on obsessive since childhood. I also love anything old school or retro – disco balls, lava lamps, beige food ... that kind of thing – and particularly good old-fashioned snail mail. With Mini Mail, I've tried to create fun postal pieces that'll delight their recipients and which I would love to receive through the letterbox myself instead of the usual unwelcome bills and junk mail. 
I design all stamps, cards, stickers and other Mini Mail details myself and would love to make you a mini letter, card or parcel. Each and every item of Mini Mail is handmade individually by me (and it takes longer than you'd think!) – no fancy machinery to be found here! 
In a fast-paced world that feels increasingly disconnected – despite the rapid rise of technology and all the 'social' media that comes with it – I'm a huge supporter of traditional post. Emails, texts and other digital messages simply can't compete with a physical letter or card in terms of the personal touch. They're often kept and cherished and I make use of our bright-red British postboxes as frequently as possible! 
I also believe there's something super-special about receiving a letter or package sent using conventional postage rather than a printed label, which is why I send as many items as possible using stamps (both modern and vintage) and handwrite names and addresses on the outside of each bubble envelope in fabulous fountain pen.